eGovFrame : Enhance eGovernment Service Quality and IT Investment Efficiency
            - Enhances IT investment efficiency by increasing the implementation productivity and reusability of the eGovernment application software
            - Enhances the eGovernment service quality and the competitiveness of   the SMEs
              through  the upward standardization of the informatization capability by  opening
              the specialized and advanced development framework to the SM-sized  SI 
              companies and sharing it with them
            - Establishes an infrastructure for the promotion of the advanced national  
              informatization, further accelerating and integration-centered, by providing 
              a standardized methodology for  the eGovernment service implementation

Runtime Environment

Runtime Environment:Common modules necessary for the execution of 
                business logic programs in eGovernment project Application programming environment to facilitate the standardized development of screens, server programs and data
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development Environment

development Environment:Provides an environment for the development of
            eGovernment application programs Includes screen development tool, component development tool, data development tool, Test automation tool, code inspection tool, etc.
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Common Component

Common Component : Common Components is a collection of reusable common modules developed to be commonly used in e Ggovernment Projects
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