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eGovFrame Introduction

Provides the brief introduction on the eGovernment Standard Framework.


Achievements of The eGovernment Standard Framework

Promoting Achievements

eGovframe has been so far applied 5,932 e-government projects national portal system, e-Authentication, system for sharing administration information, tracing of imported beef distribution channel, advanced civil service system, local administrative information system, system for boosting corporate competitiveness, ubiquitous port system, and integrated management system for providing firms with policy information.

  1. Applied in total 5,932 public or private informatization projects including the National Representative Portal and the Enterprise Competitiveness Support(as of Feb. 2023)
    • - Autonomous application proliferating by virtue of the resolution of dependencies on specific vendors and shorter development time
  2. As of Feb. 2023, 14,308 developers trained in the educational classes
    • - Educational service has been reinforced due to more increased demand for the education than expected
  3. More than 1,060,000 downloads recorded since the Standard Framework was published in Feb. 2023
    • - Proliferating in public and private sectors more rapidly than expected
    • * Operating Status of the Standard Framework Portal System(, From Jun. 2009 To Feb. 2023)
  4. Won the Excellence Award in the 2009 Korea Software Technology Grand Prix given by the MKE
    • - Technical excellence and level of completion of the eGovernment Standard Framework acknowledged
  5. 2010 Awarded 3 FutureGov Awards by the Singapore Future Government Awards
    • - This year's Future Government Award (Grand Prize) - Technology Leading Award - Government Innovation Award
    • - eGovFrame is internationally recognized
  6. Software have been made for eGovFrame's compatibility
    • - Connected 399 cases (as of Feb, 2023)
  7. Acclaimed for the autonomous adoption in the public and private sectors by the press
    • - eGovFrame 'proliferates without a hitch', Electronic Times - Oct 9th 2009
    • - 'The eGovFrame is useful', the Lotte Data Communication Company says, Inews24 - Dec 24th 2009
    • - 'The achievements' of eGovFrame, Digital Times - Mar 15th 2010
    • - eGovFrame Exports take elasticity, Media it - Jun 10th 2014
    • - eGovFrame 'Best Practice Presentation and SW Development Awards', UP KOREA - Dec 22th 2015
    • - Core Technology of eGovFrame is emerging into the world, Electronic Times - Oct 4th 2016
Promoting Achievements - This table provides Support Type, Support Project, Samples.
Support Type Support Project Samples
Focus Support National portal system New construction used WEB 2.0
Unified authentication system Certification scheme standards used LDAP
Advancement of e-Application Service Advancement (switch implementation) used SOA
Joint use of administrative information Advancement (new construction) used SOA
Beef Currency Tracking New Construction RFID, mobile connection
Basic Support Home-based entrepreneurship, the Defense Civil Support export, support for business activity, Inchon Bay system, national spatial information systems, administrative space, information systems, integrated information, Jeonbuk Development Corp., wiminnet, Gwangju Seo-gu Office Integrated Management System, SaaS Platform (ETRI), etc.