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Provides the download services of the development contents such as the Runtime Environment,
the Development Environment and the Common Components.

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Development Environment

Title eGovFrame for Mac 64bit(Implementation Tool) Version 3.10.0
Register Admin Date of registration 2021-03-02 Views 927
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Developers Development Environment for Mac Version 3.10.0 (64bit)

Development Environment for Mac 64bit (Implementation Tool) Version for Mac users.
This Implementation Tool is designed for developers to write code, IDE and Editor (SourceCode, UML, ERD, DBIO, WebFlow, Code Generation, Code Inspection, Common Component Creation, Custom Development Environment, Nexus, SVN), Debug (Local, Remote), Mobile IDE, Batch IDE, RDT.

- Applying Eclipse 2020-06
- Added 251 kinds of improved common components All-in-one Template
- 7 types of DBMS support
- Execution environment 3.10.0 applied
- Bug fix - Create Mobile DB Table
- Bug fix - SqlMap, Mapper Editor plugin
- Mobile Device API Webserver - added swagger example.
- added Egit, GrepConsole plugin

[How to install]
You can run the eGovFrameDev3.10.0-Mac-64bit.dmg file to decompress and run eclipse to use a development environment with both development environment prerequisites and selections installed.

1. When a failed to create the Java Virtual Machine error occurs after Eclipse runs
In the event of a JVM related error during eclipse drive, the eclipse setup file eclipse.ini adds the JDK installation path on your PC as follows (JDK requires the use of version 1.8):
Add jdk path to eclipse.ini (example)
2. In case of broken Korean in Eclipse file
Set file format of eclipse to UTF-8 in eclipse.ini (example)
3. DeviceAPI requires Android plug-in and Android-sdk installation by referring to the developer guide below