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We introduce all kinds of eGovFrame related documents, training and technical support information in this corner.
Also, we provide the contact information and the location of the eGovFrame center.

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Title Spring Boot Framework with eGovFrame Common Components
Division Development Environment Views 431
Writer J******n Date Asked 2023-05-23 Nationality PH
Email Reply Y STATUS Complete
Hi, Good Day. I'd like to ask about Spring Boot Framework usage of eGovFrame Common Components. I ask in the other day about how to implement json web tokens in eGovFrame and the answer is a github link and it build in the Spring Boot.

Here is the Link:
React :
backend :

Can I ask if it is possible to use the eGovFrame Components in Spring Boot? rather than the normal Spring? because in the eGovFrame components is using a Normal Spring and I am confused if I will start in normal Spring or Spring Boot.

Thank you
Hi, This is eGovFrameWork Center.

eGovFrame components is using a Normal Spring.
But If you want to change it into Spring Boot, It is possible.

Example using Spring boot is only in the already mentioned React Project.

Thank you.