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We introduce all kinds of eGovFrame related documents, training and technical support information in this corner.
Also, we provide the contact information and the location of the eGovFrame center.

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FAQ List
Number Division Title Date Views
1 Runtime Environment When process validation, could not find a method for password. 4595 2012-04-18
2 Runtime Environment DB connection termination problem 4323 2012-04-18
3 Common Components General login is not normally processed. 4054 2012-04-18
4 Common Components There is no file ‘/WEB-INF/tlds/egovc.tld’. 4337 2012-04-18
5 Runtime Environment Occurring missing artifact (commons-validator, standard) 4376 2012-04-18
6 Common Components Request ‘pom.xml’ file for Common Components 4103 2012-04-18
7 Runtime Environment How to use Multi DB 4240 2012-04-18
8 Development Environment ClassNotFoundException : org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader 4552 2012-04-18